Introducing this blog

Introducing this blog

We as a couple aim to convey beautiful natural scenery to various people as digital nomads.(`・ω・´)

Since my wife and I love traveling, climbing, and camping together, we’d like to have more fun in our future life( *´艸`)

Is it easy way of thinking? I think so too. However, our dreams just got larger.I’d like to eat delicious food when I go on a trip, and climb many mountains. My wife and I love to shop at local supermarkets because we can find new interesting products!

We have the same thoughts about our life, so nobody can stop us! We will try to do as much as we can(`・ω・´)

Of course, it would depend on our income how often we could go on a trip.


We think that we can do it while working in an organization, but this is only true to a certain extent.

Even if we can go, the only times are when it is busy during holidays, so the cost is tremendously  expensive.

I understand that it can not be helped because of the relationship between supply and demand, but if the date deviates by one week, the accommodation expenses will be twice as much. If we do not consider transportation expenses, we could stay twice as long and eat delicious foodso we end up little bit angry.

Sightseeing spots during the holidays are heavily congested. Other people also take the same day off, so as long as you’re a company employee, you can’t avoid the crowds.  But I’m not good with crowds, so I want to avoid this as much as possible. If we can not walk at our own pace, we feel exhausted and will not be able to enjoy the sights.

Although the weather that holiday wasn’t good, we had to go because if we missed that opportunity, our next holiday would be in half a year’s time. It occurs because we work too hard everyday, becoming sick and bedridden on holidays.

If we are going to travel a lot of the time, being a freelancer is the best option. That way we can travel in a more enjoyable way for ourselves.

Our work environment was not very good, so there was a desire to go independent if possible.

For such reasons to, we thought that we would travel and work anywhere as much as we wanted.

Although I can find some couples who have become nomad workers, I can’t find any stories of their hardship at the beginning.

Perhaps I may have chosen wrong keywords.

I am sorry for my imagination, but I suppose that workers who worked in freelance began a nomad couple, so I don’t think the contents of their work changed so much and they only discussed becoming nomad workers.


I will report the situation as recently as possible, because some people may want to know about that. For example, how is it? what is about it is difficult? how is your work? What equipment is necessary as a Nomad worker? like this.  I would like to validate it. Besides that, as preparations progress if something comes out, I will write a new article.

First of all, I think that most of the articles will be written about preparation and consideration for doing Nomad.

We will try to go on an actual trip to simulate the Nomad experience. For example, we will go to a mountain in a nearby prefecture by car and climb it before staying overnight after working a bit and doing some sightseeing. We would like to identify potential problems. Just planning it on paper is not enough, so I will try to do everything that seems right to consider.

For the time being, It will be problematic because we wont have wi-fi while we’re in the nearby mountains. I want to realize it while thinking about it too.

I’m not sure how long the trip will last as a Nomad worker, so I hope you will wait patiently(*・ω・*)