【Trip report + Verification】We tried mountain climbing!【Day1:Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru】

  • 2019.10.10
【Trip report + Verification】We tried mountain climbing!【Day1:Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru】

As one step to a nomad worker, we mainly inspected how hard doing our job after climbing a mountain, and how much this trip will cost.(`・ω・´)

We memorialize the first report , inspected it by mountain climbing of Mount Nikko-Shirane!

I describe it from trip report first!(`・ω・´)

By the way, we went in the following order.

【The first day】

Home→(a local road)→Marunuma plateau ski area parking lot→
Mt. Nikko-Shirane Cable car→(on foot)→Mt. Nikko-Shirane(half-way・on foot)→Mt. Nikko-Shirane Cable car→Hotel

【The second day】

Hotel→Temporary parking lot→(on foot)→Kirifuri plateau→Mt. Maru Hiking Course→Temporary parking lot→Ryuoh Gorge→Go home(a local road)

we tried to move on such a course.(*・ω・*)


It is the details of each schedule!

【The first day】Mt. Nikkoshirane

It is time to depart…3:30!( ゚Д゚)It’s very early morning!

 In order to make it before the traffic jam and save on paying highway tollsI will use the lower road to be in time for the cable car that operates starting at 8 o’clock. It is about 180 km from our house to the parking lot of the Mt. Shirane cable car, so if we can get there before there is a traffic jam, we’ll arrive in time.

We planned to adjust physically to sleeping earlier the previous day. But our work had been busy until the previous day, so it was difficult for us to get to sleep.( ;∀;) It is still difficult to adjust to the work. Sometimes, we have to handle things that have come in suddenly. Many people had been working late at night or until early in the morning, many more cars in Tokyo than we expected. Our plan turned out immediately wrong.

Well, after we passed through Tokyo, our journey went smoothly. After a while, we began to feel the air from the mountain as we approached it. (* · ω · *) If you reached the remaining 60 km, you will become a mountain pass so if you have car sickness, let’s go slowly!

With this thing and that we arrived at the parking lot at 7:40!

We ate rice balls for breakfast. We love that there are few people here today.(*´ω`*) It was eight o’clock so we moved cable car stop!

There’s a “closed today” sign hanging on the door.

There’s a “closed today” sign hanging on the door.

I wonder if the facility employees just haven’t cleaned up yet.…We were checked HP.『closed today』( ゚Д゚)( ゚Д゚)What the heck!…There are families who are also at their wit’s end like us.( ;∀;)

Well, By the way, here are two choices!

  1. Move to a parking lot 10 km away.
  2. If the cable car is not working, we can go by ourselves!

Yup, of course we choose No.2.( *´艸`)

Since some people had climbed in the past, we started climbing around the back of the building! We climbed the stairs behind the building and there was a signboard, so I will climb this as a reference. The height difference is 600m (from 1, 390 m to 1, 990 m).

We climbed along the paved road.


As we were passing by the side of the campground and onto a mountain path, there was a sign that read, “Keep Out”.( ゚Д゚)( ゚Д゚)”I think that this way should be correct… As we returned a little, we encountered the staff and asked him. “That is a signboard for the campsite guests,” he said. So, we could go ahead. There was a more attractive proposal from the staff who kindly answered! Since there is nobody working, you can climb the gelaende.(*・ω・*) Then he gave us a brochure that was more detailed than the sign we referenced! I thought we couldn’t ask him because of his formidable face, but he was sincerely friendly and kind. We were very grateful( ;∀;)

We climbed gelaende and scree‐covered slopes.


We got a glimpse of Mt. Nikko-Shirane.(`・ω・´)

 Oh…( ゚Д゚)

When we looked back after reaching the top, the view was as beautiful as this.(*・ω・*)

And somehow we reached the mountaintop station.

It’s about 2 hours and 15 minutes to the mountaintop station. Somehow, the weather got worse.(´・ω・`) The weather forecast told us it will not rain until we climb down, so we started an attack!



But we decided to climb down because of two reasons. 1st of all, the weather was gradually getting worse. And 2nd, we were worn out.(´・ω・`) Maybe we could climb to the top of the mountain, butthere was a possibility that we might cause trouble to others. So we thought that it was a good decision to go back down.(`・ω・´)

We returned to the mountaintop station,where we had our lunch and later went down the slopes.

While we were walking down the mountain, the weather was unstable, the rain hit us a bit and sometimes we could see the sunshine peaking through the cloud and the mountain descended safely ! We have never experienced climbing up and down the ski slope, so we got a valuable experience.(*・ω・*) We felt that they would be able to ski well at this inclination. And we felt like we was standing still as it’s wide ski slope. We might think that if we go to a high mountain, it will be a similar feeling. Although we climbed for about 6 hours, we were pretty exhausted because we hadn’t climbed for a long time and we lacked sleep.

Well, we have a major announcement to make(`・ω・´) We did not reserve a hotel room yet because the hotel sometimes provides vacant rooms at a discount.( *´艸`) If we can’t reserve a room, we have the camping equipment so we can go camping!


While we were taking a nap in the car, we looked around the hotel at “jaran” and any nearby, cheap and popular. We found a hotel called  “The PAGENT”  and the rate for the room for two people is 6,480 yen per night. This includes tax and service charge.

I thought that I would try my best to drive 50 km, but I felt sleepy about first 20 minutes, so we stopped on a safe road side and took a nap.( ˘ω˘) I had twisted my neck while asleep, it aches!

We couldn’t visit Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Waterfall, Iroha-zaka Slope and Nikko Toshogu Shrine because we had no time to sightsee.

We arrived the hotel!

The hotel manger may have joked around a lot, but he always made sure his guests were taken care of.(*´ω`*) The room was small, but it was clean. Please be careful if you don’t like soft bed mattress. There is free Wi-Fi at hotel, so you can bring your laptops to the hotel. We went to bed early, after we took a bath because we felt exhausted.


During this time, I think that working at the hotel is very hard. I thought I would be able to work just a little, but I could not resist the drowsiness.( ˘ω˘) The highway toll is 3500 yen, one way, so when I’m waiting for a job request, maybe I should consider delaying my departure time for my nighttime job.(`・ω・´)

2nd day↓↓