【Camp report】@fumottopara 20170729-30

【Camp report】@fumottopara 20170729-30

We tried to camp at Fumotoppara to see what would be challenging if we were to work as digital nomad at the campsite.(`・ω・´)

To start, we look back at camping as a digital nomad after we enjoy camping normally.

We went in the following order.

Home→(150km : a local road)→Fumotoppara campsite(1 night)→(9.3km : a local road)Kazenoyu(hotspring) →(150km : a local road)→Home

It’s very simple schedule. (`・ω・´)

【Day 1】

We departed at 3:30 last time but4:30 this round, one hour later than last time. Just a bit slower!

We passed through Shinjuku-Tokyo, not crowded, our journey went smoothly.

We passed through Takao at 6:11!  Only 2 hours even if we use a local road. I wonder how many Takao’s parking lots we could use? When I searched for parking lots around Takao, there are a lot of parking lots available. If I am able to reach early, I could park my car there for within 1000 yen. Then, I might want to traverse Mt. Kagenobu again.

Arrived fumotoppara at 8:51


We made it 150 km in 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Car tarp, two person, with a price of 4500 yen. And if you want to throw away garbage on this site, please buy garbage bags for 100 yen here.

10:17 setting finish


I have no idea on where to park on the site. hence I drove around in my car and finally found a place which was good to park.(;^ω^)

There are quite a lot of slopes. So we were looking for a flat place to set up.

We spend a lovely monents, to talk and read a book.


Not many people were outside due to the bad weather, so we were able to enjoy the open space. We planned to take a stroll, but we couldnt do that because it was raining heavily. It was a mysterious feeling like we met with a small disaster.

Anyway, We were looking forward to cook smoked cheese and sausage! We wanted to try smoking using cherry wood chips, but this time we tried it with applewood chips!

It’s very delicious!! We spent the night with a combination of smoked foods and candies.

It was raining still heavily. Our shoes got soaked in the rain(´Д`)

【Day 2】

On the second day we woke up at 5:00 to see the sunrise, but we could not see it at all.(´・ω・`)


This is good in its own way.(*´ω`*) I think that most of the people are still sleeping, thus, I had a peaceful walk.



We cooked smoked sausages for breakfast again! So many sausages.(;^ω^)


We put it between slices of bread and ate it! We were stuffed.(*´ω`*)

The weather was subtle this time, so we were withdrawing while lightly drying the tent. It was good as it was quite cool because it rained at the end of July. If it is sunny, we can see Mt. Fuji better. So we want to go on a week day again. (*´ω`*) There is wi-if here and that is the most important for us.

We arrived kazenoyu at 11:00.  The bathing fee is slightly higher at 900 yen, but the hot spring after the camp is good.(*^ω^*)It’s so gooood!

We hung out in the breakroom.

We were starting kazenoyu at 12:10. We went home by using a local road as always.

Ice cream! It was made properly and it was delicious.(*´ω`)

Arrived at 17:20. I went back home safe! Since the road wasn’t crowded, we were able to drive at about 30km/h.  Not so bad.(`・ω・´)

Next time we want to spend more time and see Mt. Fuji, so we want to revisit again soon!

【This trip’s summary】

  • 2017/7/29ー30
  • total cost:about 12,000 yen
  • total distance traveled:310km(day 1 150km/day 2 160km)
  • transportation device:car
  • transportation cost :gasoline 5,500yen
  • 1 night at camping site
  • accommodation fee:4,500 yen(2 parsons)
  • bathing fee:1,800 yen(2 parsons)


Naturally, the mountain tent was too small to work on.→We will prepare a camping tent.(`・ω・´)

※Camping on a rainy day makes my shoes messed up, so it may be more comfortable to move by changing my shoes in the car.

【Previous consideration】

  1. Heat measures in a car→ We bought a sunshade.
  2. Departure time and sleeping time.→ It’s fine becauseI was fine when I departed 1 hour late!
  3. Be short on physical strength.→ We are training a little using stairs.(*´ω`)
  4. Be short of equipment for mountian. → I bought glove and treking pole.
  5. Laptop’s battery.→Now seaching.