Mt. Shari in Hokkaido + Kushiro Marsh

Mt. Shari in Hokkaido + Kushiro Marsh

Mt. Shari is a volcano at the bottom of Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, as one of the 100 Top Mountains in Japan.
It is a single-peak mountain.

The mountain is called Onnenupuri (big mountain, old mountain) in the Ainu language, and it was a mountain trip with deep pockets, as if the original form of mountain climbing still remained.

The most popular route is via “Seigakuso”, a mountain hut in Kiyosato Town.
On this route, there is an old road where you can enjoy a bit of stream climbing and a new road where you can enjoy the ridge path.

Mt. Shari opens to climbers on the last Sunday in June.
*The Shari-dake trailhead gate will be closed for the winter from November 1 to June 1.



1.  It is recommended to take JAL or ANA to Memanbetsu Airport (MMB) and then rent a car to go to Mt. Shari. Headed for Seigakuso.
        Memanbetsu Airport HP :

[ Seigakuso ]

  • Lodging in the facility (1 night) : Adults 1,570 yen (including cooperation fee), children 1,040 yen
  • Overnight stay in a car: 520 yen per car
  • Parking fee (100 yen)
  • one time use of restroom (100 yen)
  • portable toilet sales (500 yen)
  • portable toilet collection (100 yen)
  • TEL: +81-152-25-4111

Rent a car
other company
<Rakuten travel seach>

2-1. Memanbetsu Airport → JR Abashiri Station : Abashiri Bus (Memanbetsu Airport Line), Approximately 15 minutes.
2-2. JR Abashiri station → JR Kiyosatocho Station : JR (Semmo Main Line), Approximately 60 minutes.
*Trains don’t come very often on this line.
2-3. JR Kiyosatocho Station  → Seigakuso :It takes about 20 minutes to get to Seigakuso by taxi, about 5,000 yen.

3-1. Kushiro Airport → JR Kushiro Station : Akan Bus (Kushiro Airport-Kushiro Line) , Approximately 50 minutes
JR Kushiro Station → JR Kiyosatocho Station : JR (Semmo Main Line) , Approximately 130 minutes
*Trains don’t come very often on this line.
3-3. JR Kiyosatocho Station  → Seigakuso :It takes about 20 minutes to get to Seigakuso by taxi, about 5,000 yen.

4. Nakashibetsu Airport  → Times CAR RENTAL (Nakashibetsu Airport),  Approximately 90 minutes.




  • Total distance: 9.59km
  • Elevation at highest point: 1547m
  • Lowest point elevation: 638m
  • Cumulative elevation: 981m

Here’s our report on the trip.

Start trekking! 

We started from the trailhead of Seigakuso.
Just after sunrise, we looked at the beautiful sky and the Sea of Okhotsk from in front of the hut, and set off.
The first part of the trail had a stream flowing near it, and we were a little nervous.
You can feel the thick bamboos and the flow of the river at the beginning of the trek.


After wading through the bamboo for a while, we entered the fording zone.
It’s a special place where you feel like you’re in a secret place.

Mt. Shari, we follow the pink ribbon. It is sometimes hard to find, so look ahead carefully.


Arrival at Shimo-Futamata!

From here, the slope starts to get tighter.
This time, we took the old road to the top of the mountain.


We climbed up the steep slope, wading in here and there. Gradually the slope became more slippery, so we took a break while climbing.
Looking back, we could see Abashiri Bay.

Continued on the next page, on our way to Kami-Futamata!

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