Mt. Shari in Hokkaido + Kushiro Marsh

Mt. Shari is a volcano at the bottom of Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, as one of the 100 Top Mountains in Japan. It is a single-peak mountain. The mountain is called Onnenupuri (big mountain, old mountain) in the Ainu language, and it was a mountain trip with deep pockets, as if the original form of mountain climbing still remained. The most popular route is via “Seigakuso”, a mountain hut in Kiyosato Town. On this route, there is an old road where you can enjoy a bit of stream climbing and a new road where you can enjoy the ridge path. […]

Mt. Meakan, Lake Onneto and Lake Akan in Hokkaido.

Mt. Meakan We knew the weather was not going to be good, so we decided to cancel our original plan of going around “Me-Akan Onsen → Mt. Me-Akan → Akan Fuji → Lake Onneto” and change it to “Me-Akan Onsen to Mt.Me-Akan” as a piston tour, and use the extra time to see Lake Onneto and Lake Akan. The summit was completely flat and the wind was strong, but the scenery on the way up was pleasant and to my liking. It’s a nice mountain that I would like to climb again on a sunny day. Mt. Akan is consist […]

Mt. Rausu in Hokkaido

Mt. Rausu One of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan and one of the 100 most famous mountains for flowers, Rausu-dake (1,661 meters above sea level) is the highest peak in the Shiretoko Volcanoes that tower over the Shiretoko Peninsula. It is also called Shiretoko Fuji (The name comes from its resemblance to Mt. Fuji). The name comes from the Ainu word “lausi” (the place where the bones of animals are). It is a mountain that is popular with climbers from all over the country, despite the fact that it is a very difficult mountain to climb, with a […]

Mt. Omine in Nara Prefecture

Mt. Omine Hakkyo-ga-take (1915m), the highest peak of the Omine mountain range and the highest peak in the Kinki region. It is a beautiful mountain where the Oyama-renge (a national natural monument) blooms in early July. This time we took the route from the Gyoja-kaeri tunnel up to Mt Misen and Mt. Hakyo-ga-take and back. If you stay in the vicinity of Kamikitayama Village, you will have less distance to travel and have better access to Mt. Odaigahara and Mt. Omine. But there are no stores, so prepare food in advance! And we based ourselves at the “Minshuku hyaku nen”. […]

Mt. Odai in Nara Prefecture and Mie Prefecture

Mt. Odai It is a plateau-like mountainous area with the highest peak being Hidegadake (1,695m). It consists of East-Odai and West-Odai. East-Odai, where the main view is located, can be entered without reservation. Visitors to West-Odai are required to go through prior procedures. (link: With annual precipitation of over 3,500mm, the area has the cliffs of Daijagura, magnificent canyon beauty, and a rich virgin forest of spruce and beech trees. You can also see many different kinds of mosses growing there, such as Pogonatum japonicum and Bartramiopsis lescurii (James) Kindb. It is also a habitat for black bears, so […]

  • 2017.08.31

Mt. Haruna(Suzuriiwa / Kamongatake piston)and Mt. Harunafuji in Gunma Prefecture

Mt. Haruna Mount Haruna is located in the center of Gunma Prefecture. It is a volcano that erupted until the 7th century. It is a general term for a mountain range consisting of parasitic volcanoes such as Haruna Fuji, the central crater hill, and the outer ring of mountains including the highest peak, Mt. Kamongatake. Mt. Haruna Fuji It is the third highest peak on Mt. Haruna, and is called “Fuji” for its beautiful and well-proportioned appearance. It is a central crater hill of a double volcano with a horseshoe-shaped crater at its summit. About 200 cherry trees along the […]

  • 2017.08.09

【Trip report + Verification】We tried mountain climbing!【Day2: Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru】

【The second day】Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru day1 is here. We were planning on going to the Kirifuri plateau early in the morning for the cooler temperatures and smaller crowds, but my husband overslept.( ゚Д゚)Sorry…(*´ω`*) We pulled ourselves together and departpered at 7:40! The distance of destination from here is 10 km. The parking lot near the summit was already full, because my husband overslept. There was already a line formed when we stopped at a temporary parking lot and waited for a bus. (‘Д’) Although the bus came, it seemed like we couldn’t get on, so we […]

  • 2017.08.03

【Trip report + Verification】We tried mountain climbing!【Day1:Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru】

As one step to a nomad worker, we mainly inspected how hard doing our job after climbing a mountain, and how much this trip will cost.(`・ω・´) We memorialize the first report , inspected it by mountain climbing of Mount Nikko-Shirane! I describe it from trip report first!(`・ω・´) By the way, we went in the following order. 【The first day】 Home→(a local road)→Marunuma plateau ski area parking lot→ Mt. Nikko-Shirane Cable car→(on foot)→Mt. Nikko-Shirane(half-way・on foot)→Mt. Nikko-Shirane Cable car→Hotel 【The second day】 Hotel→Temporary parking lot→(on foot)→Kirifuri plateau→Mt. Maru Hiking Course→Temporary parking lot→Ryuoh Gorge→Go home(a local road) we tried to move on such […]