• 2017.08.09

【Trip report + Verification】We tried mountain climbing!【Day2: Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru】

【The second day】Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru day1 is here. We were planning on going to the Kirifuri plateau early in the morning for the cooler temperatures and smaller crowds, but my husband overslept.( ゚Д゚)Sorry…(*´ω`*) We pulled ourselves together and departpered at 7:40! The distance of destination from here is 10 km. The parking lot near the summit was already full, because my husband overslept. There was already a line formed when we stopped at a temporary parking lot and waited for a bus. (‘Д’) Although the bus came, it seemed like we couldn’t get on, so we […]

  • 2017.08.03

【Trip report + Verification】We tried mountain climbing!【Day1:Mt. Nikkoshirane, Kirifuri plateau and Mt. Maru】

As one step to a nomad worker, we mainly inspected how hard doing our job after climbing a mountain, and how much this trip will cost.(`・ω・´) We memorialize the first report , inspected it by mountain climbing of Mount Nikko-Shirane! I describe it from trip report first!(`・ω・´) By the way, we went in the following order. 【The first day】 Home→(a local road)→Marunuma plateau ski area parking lot→ Mt. Nikko-Shirane Cable car→(on foot)→Mt. Nikko-Shirane(half-way・on foot)→Mt. Nikko-Shirane Cable car→Hotel 【The second day】 Hotel→Temporary parking lot→(on foot)→Kirifuri plateau→Mt. Maru Hiking Course→Temporary parking lot→Ryuoh Gorge→Go home(a local road) we tried to move on such […]