Mt. Meakan, Lake Onneto and Lake Akan in Hokkaido.

Mt. Meakan, Lake Onneto and Lake Akan in Hokkaido.

Mt. Meakan

We knew the weather was not going to be good, so we decided to cancel our original plan of going around “Me-Akan Onsen → Mt. Me-Akan → Akan Fuji → Lake Onneto” and change it to “Me-Akan Onsen to Mt.Me-Akan” as a piston tour, and use the extra time to see Lake Onneto and Lake Akan.

The summit was completely flat and the wind was strong, but the scenery on the way up was pleasant and to my liking.
It’s a nice mountain that I would like to climb again on a sunny day.


Mt. Akan is consist of 2 constastive mountains namely Oakan (‘Male’ Akan) and Meakan (‘Female’ Akan). Meakan, the highest peak of Mt. Akan, is an active volcano and still raises smoke which often leads a restriction to enter the mountain. Akan is a nature rich national park consisted of volcano, forest and lake, and many plants and animals including brown bears are inhabited. The national monument ‘Marimo’ is inhabited in Lake Akan.

Mt. Meakan can be climbed in three to four hours on the various hiking trails in the area. Upon reaching the summit, visitors have a 360-degree panorama of the Pon-machineshiri and Naka-machineshiri Craters and rugged volcanic terrain, along with views of Lake Akan, Mt. Oakan, and Mt. Mashu in the distance.

The summit of Mt. Akanfuji, a cone-shaped volcano south of Pon-machineshiri Crater, can be reached via a zigzag path that branches off from the Onneto Trail. The climb takes approximately one and a half hours round-trip.


Since it is an active volcano, consider stopping climbing depending on the alert level.
If a level 3 warning is issued, entry to the mountain will be restricted and you will not be allowed to enter within a certain area. If a level 4 warning is issued, the area up to Lake Akan must be prepared for evacuation, and if a level 5 warning is issued, the area must be evacuated.



1.  It is recommended to take JAL or ANA to Kushiro Airport (KUH) or Memanbetsu Airport (MMB) and then rent a car to go to Mt. Meakan. Headed for Nonaka-Onsen.
        Kushiro Airport HP :
Memanbetsu Airport HP :

Rent a car
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[ Nonaka-onsen ]

  • Japanese style room from 7,500 yen per night with 2 meals (tax not included)
  • Overnight stay without meals 4,800 yen (tax not included) 
  • Consumption tax 10%, bath tax 150yen
  • TEL: +81-1562-9-7321



2-1. Kushiro Airport → Akanko-Onsen : Akan Bus (Akan Airport Shuttle), Approximately 75 minutes, 2,190 yen.
2-2. Akanko-Onsen  → Meakan-dake-Onsen-trailhead or Nonaka-onsen :It takes about 20 minutes to get to Nonaka-onsen by taxi, about 6,000 yen.(Akan-hire, Tel: +81-54672921)
3. Nakashibetsu Airport  → Times CAR RENTAL (Nakashibetsu Airport),  Approximately 2 hours.



You can either stay near Lake Akan Onsen or Nonaka Onsen, or camp at the Onneto National Campground.
If you stay near Lake Akan Onsen, you will be able to explore Lake Akan and have easier access to Mt. Oakan.

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・Total distance: 5.46km
・Elevation at highest point: 1,499m
・Lowest point elevation:710m
・Cumulative elevation:696m


From the trailhead, the first part of the hike is a leisurely walk through the forest.


From the first station to the summit (No. 10), signs are erected along the way to make it easier to keep pace.


From the fourth station, the slope gets steeper, so make sure you get used to it so you don’t get exhausted.
We met a chipmunk on the way!

Thanks to the rain, we were able to enjoy the moist and beautiful nature so far.

Next up is the summit plus a walk around Lake Onneto and Lake Akan!

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