Mt. Shari in Hokkaido + Kushiro Marsh

Mt. Shari in Hokkaido + Kushiro Marsh


It’s all white around us, but we’re here!
There was no view, so as soon as we rested a bit, we started our descent.

For the descent, we took the new trail route along the ridge road.


To Kumami Pass

Kumami Pass was one of my favorite spots during this trek.
In the past, the high pine trees were low and brown bears could be seen.


Descending mountain

We braced ourself for the last steep slope and headed for the trailhead.


Kushiro Marsh

From Mt. Shari, we also went to Kushiro Marsh, although it was quite a distance.

Parking is available at various locations, including the Hokuto Parking Lot, which is close to downtown Kushiro and has an observation deck, but we used the parking lot at the Ministry of the Environment’s Onnenai Visitor Center.

We were soothed by the moist nature after the rain.

There are brown bears here too, so be careful!

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